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Blackhawk Logistics provides a staffing service fulfilling the recruitment and labour hire of government and private sector projects. We work to project brief specifications on mobilise and manage staffing using our extensive Australian network. We deliver complex staffing solutions to client requirements on time.

Our Capabilities are enhanced with the use of a locally owned and managed teams with experience in the government contracting space. Blackhawk Logistics provides full government contractor solutions. Our project staffing contractor services provide industry specialists that have a deep understanding of the compliance, statutory and governance requirements for staffing on government projects, specializing in defence sites.

Contract workers can help keep your costs down by only requiring payment for the hours worked. This means no holiday pay, bonuses, or rewards that you would be required to pay full-time employees. Temporary staff can also be the ideal solution for when you are not sure if you want to create a new position in the company, or if you want to trial a worker. Additionally, temporary contracts give you the freedom of hiring for the short-term to see if the staff member will truly be a good fit for the company, without having to worry about how to deal with the situation if they aren’t right.

Talk to us about the many ways in which a contract worker can benefit you and your company.

Staff we provide

Baseline, NV1 and NV2 employees

Project Managers

Project Schedule Managers

Governance and Quality Assurance Officers

Material Logistics Managers

Technical/Systems Engineers

Commercial/Configuration Officers

System/Software Engineers

Procurement Support

Financial Officers

Fleet Managers

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