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Blackhawk Logistics is Canberra’s leading locally owned and managed security provider and we thrive to redefine the security industry by delivering integrated security solutions,  providing a safe & secure environment for our clients.

Blackhawk Logistics fosters long-term partnerships with our clients, ensuring they benefit from our experience. Our services continue to expand through increased product development and opportunities to integrate multiservices, enabling our clients to focus on there core business.

Blackhawk’s Security division understands the importance of presenting a professional image in every aspect of its service to its clients. We believe that good security is an important requirement of every business. The potentially crippling affects that theft, criminal damage, fire and flood could have on your operation are enormous. The safety of your premises, your staff and your customers is paramount. 

The task of providing reliable and cost-effective solutions for the protection and control of personnel and material assets calls for a unique blend of skills and resources. Blackhawk Logistics has the experience and resources in security solutions and recognizes the critical importance of accurate and detailed planning from the outset of every security project.

Blackhawk Logistics is Canberra’s leading security solutions group and we have sought to redefine the security industry by delivering imaginative solutions for some of Australia’s most respected organizations. As a professional and responsible company, Blackhawk Logistics has always complied with local regulations regarding license of operations, taxes, wage compensation, and employee benefits. The company takes pride in the creation of a dignified working environment for our employees.

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