Blackhawk Logistics undertakes comprehensive manned security contracts on a 24 hr basis, covering commercial, retail and entertainment security requirements in both ACT and NSW.

Properties and commercial business  can be susceptable to theft, damage, acts of vandalism, fly tipping, drug misuse and unauthorsied access. Providing venues with manned guarding security measures capable of addressing these is the first step to proactively controlling crime and social disorder that may impact your business.

Blackhawk Logistics has an experienced and highly respected managment team that understands the importance of comsistancy in terms of both service team members and their standards of performance. Retaining the same team members through the duration of the manned guarding contract is a key benefit for our clients.

Blackhawk Logistics managers make an assessment of your buisness activities and provide accurate security services with the introduction of our fully vetted, trained and licenced security guards including First Aid and RSA Qualifications. These teams can operate around the clock to secure your premises, buildings and car parks and provide and provide front of house concierge duties.

Blackhawk Logistics undertstands the factors involved in providing manned security services to those assignments that bring our team into contact with the general public. In effect our staff will act as your security department releasing you from the everyday security operations and challenges, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Approximately 90% of a security company's resources are people and BLackhawk Logistics re-invests in its security officers by keeping them well trained, highly motivated and fully focused on there responsibilities. Consistently applying all of these standrads is part of the reason that Blackhawk Logistics is the client choice for manned security services.





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